Elsie was playing peekaboo today and said “peekaboo” clear as day. She also says, dadda & thank you.



Karen McGavin, who takes care of us and sit with us at church on Sunday called and asked if she could take Molly and her friend Caroline (who lives down the street) to a fairy party. “Sure”, I said! Karen spoiled them to death.

Kate’s First DAY!

Kate had a wonderful time at preschool today (and dare I say is the most darling little girl in the class!). The class was divided into two groups and each group had their own time to come with their mommies. So Kate and I left Elsie at home, dropped Molly off at her 2nd day and waited to go into her class room. She was so focused on her projects (decorating her mat they use to put projects on and take home papers on for the year). Kate took off and didn’t need me, so I just sat their in the corner and visited with the other not needed moms. At one point though, Kate did tell me she wanted to use the little potty- which was awkward because she has a diaper on. She made a lot of new friends and is excited to go back on Monday for a full mommy-less 2 hours (instead of 45mins).IMG_5960

First Day Of Dance and Preschool

Kate Went to Ballet/tap/Gymnastics for the first time today. Molly moved into the older class and realized she out grew her ballet shoes over the summer while trying to dance in them. Kate has been watching Molly in dance for the past 2 years and now it is her turn! I opened the door for her and she ran in and didn’t look back. The teachers said she did phenomenal. After dance, we went and had lunch at Nana and Papa’s house during our break between dance and preschool. Molly had her first day of 4 yr old preschool! She was ready and excited. She knew just what to do. This is Molly’s last year of preschool before kindergarten next fall. Kate starts 2 yr old preschool tomorrow and we can’t wait.