We pulled out our bikes and took several short rides. Bike riding could be Elsie’s favorite thing right now. then came home and Kate started throwing up in the evening.


Kate’s Focused Swim Lessons

Kate blew the socks off her teacher with her Swim skills at her first lesson this morning. Her focus and attention is amazing. She applies it to most things she does. I can’t wait to see where she channels it when she gets older. She’s going to be great.

Swim Lessons

We decided to get a head start on swim lessons this year! Molly started tonight and Kate starts Friday. We have hopes of going to the pool this summer. With 6 months of lessons under our belts it might be a bit more realistic.

The Girls Are Into Mischief

Elsie ran away from me in the hallway at church today. Somebody got me sidetracked and I lost her. I found her a few minutes later on the stand in the chapel by the 2nd Wards’ Bishopric. I think she was looking for Brian during the other wards meeting. 😬.

These two girls were watching the iPad when I fell asleep. When I woke up I found them like this. They did each others make up with markers. 🤷‍♀️🤦‍♀️ (My nap was still worth it!)

Kate’s Eye Exam

For awhile now I have noticed Kate’s eyes getting crossed. It never occurred to me that it wasn’t normal until Brian pointed it out (duh!). I called the pediatric ophthalmologist (we’ve been to him before for other ‘false alarm’ issues) and he had a cancellation appointment the same day for us!

Kate got her vision checked. Which it is perfect 👌🏻. Then they dialated her eyes and the Dr. saw her crossed eyes. He said she has a very rare and intermittent condition. His plan is to do nothing now and see us back in 6 months and see if it has gotten better or worse. He says most of the time it gets better with time on its own. But if it doesn’t get better on its own then therapy, glasses or surgery 😢 could be next. We’re hoping for the first outcome.

Snow Day ❄️

We had fun sledding with a foot of new snow! Elsie loved her first time sledding! Molly and Kate did phenomenal . Molly was able to carry her own sled up the hill. Aunt Lisa came to play with us in the snow, so having an adult to each child made it fun for everyone at this age.

Molly’s Stitches

Molly was playing on the playground at Preschool and her front teeth went through her lip. Blood everywhere. They called me and I took her to Brian. Then we took her to Brian’s friend Dr. Keen to sew her up. 4 beautiful stitches, a cherry slurpy and a new Barbie (Barbie complements of Aunt Lisa) later, we have our happy girl back. I on the other hand, am thinking twice about letting her go anywhere ever again!💔