This little girl is the bravest thing around.  After two allergic reactions on the airplane to Hawaii and at the park a few days ago, she is VERY allergic to cashews, sunflower seeds and almonds. She was so brave during the skin test. And then when it was over she was covered in hives head to toe 😬. She didn’t cry or get scared or anything. (I got a bit scared when I noticed all the hives🙈).

Back in the Saddle

 We made it to Gardner Village for the first time this year to ride the ponies and visit the other farm animals. Molly was especially impressed with the girls working with the horses. She declared she wants to be a cowgirl after seeing them when grows up. Kate was fearless around the animals and about climbed into the ponies pen to say hi. 

Super Sunday Sisters

Molly stood up all on her own in Sacrament meeting today and bore her testamony. She did a great job. She said things like, “you have to be gentle with babies because that’s what Jesus wants” and “I love the gospel of Jesus.”

Ending Of An Era

This baby is dying a slow and drawn out death. For some reason I whole heartily believed apple laptops lasted longer than what they really do. 😔. I’m trying to salvage what I can from her and moving forward. 🙈

After trip to the Mac specialist to update what I could to get my photos off of it- to transfer to my new desktop. It’s time to shut her down. I got this laptop in 2009 and it was the very best and most expensive at that time.

 By the way googlephoto is amazing to back up pictures for free. 

Hawaii Day 3

We spent the day at Volcano National Park  Lava arch

The girls went exploring.  Thurston lava tube  volcano crater had flowing lava inside yummy doughnut type treats  We drove across the island home in the thickest fog/clouds. Then the sun came from behind the fog. I thought we were entering heaven, but then Brian confirmed we were not. 

Hawaii Day 2

Today we hit the beach for most the day. The beach was so fun! We boogie boarded, snorkled, built sand castles and relaxed (as much as you can with 5 girls under 4). The sand was so white and fluffy. After dinner we tucked Wendy and the girls in and went on our night manta ray adventure. The guides drove us in a boat to a spot and put lights in the water to attract the krill with attract the manta rays. It would have been a great trip if everyone on the boat, including the three of us didn’t get so sea sick🤢🤢🤢.