For Activity Days tonight we made ice cream in a bag. The weather was so bad outside we did it inside and it was a bit messy to say the least. I was missing a lot of girls this activity due to vacations and some were running the halls during the photo. But all in all it was a fun night. This summer will mark my 3rd year as Activity Days Leader.



Activity Days-CPR/First Aid

In Activity Days I invited a retired Paramedic in our ward to come teach the girls CPR and general first aid. It was a blast. He brought all the CPR dolls. It was so informative. I think the girls loved it. I brought sugar cookies for the girls with little band aids made out of marshmallow fondant . I also made a little first aid kit for the girls. I put their names on the bags and filled them with band aids. They turned out super cute.IMG_3180


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Favorite Things Party


imageIn Activity Days tonight we had a “Favorite Things Party” Where each girl brought their favorite thing wrapped to exchange with another girl and they brought their favorite homemade treat to share. The girls loved it! We all had a ball. Each girl explained what they brought and made and we watched “Joy to the World”.

I got this idea from Pintrest of course.

acitivity days favorite things full sizeblog_edited-2


In Activity Days tonight we made giant snow flakes for the holiday party coming up. The girls loved making them. It has been so long since I have made a snow flake so I let the girls take the lead. They knew what they were doing. I wish I would have gotten a picture of the white scraps of paper everywhere! I had to pull out the vacuum at the end to get it all.

After all the snow flakes were made we sipped on hot chocolate with LOTS of whipped cream, marshmallows and candy canes and sang christmas songs together. It was a fun bonding experience. I had originally planned to take the girls caroling around the neighborhood, but the ward needed the snow flakes cut, it was 30 degrees and I didn’t have room for all the girls in my car or help. I had even already made song books for all the girls.