Although she is petite, she’s fierce and a babe.


Merry Christmas Day

We had a fun Christmas morning. Santa brought Barbies, unicorns and dress up paper dolls. We indulged in waffles with a homemade buttermilk syrup, bacon (🥓 on the grill is life changing because the smell and clean up), fruit and juice. Exchanging gifts with Aunties and sisters was a highlight as well. Grandma changed Elsie’s world with a slide. Words cannot describe her excitement as she feels going up and down by herself… for hours on end.

15 Months

Her moods fluctuate but we love her a lot. I brought the older sissys to Elsie’s check up appointment and Molly announced to the pediatrician that she never showers. 🤭(which isn’t true!) and then Kate announced, “moms having a new baby”. We were quite the appointment for him.