Grandmas house

Grandmas garden harvest for the girls. Followed by some painting. 



Brian and I made it to Midway and spent the night while the girls stayed home! We enjoyed dinner and atv-ing! It was so much fun. Zermat resort30 miles of beautiful mountain exploring

Then when we came over we finally took our bikes out for the first time. Elsie really did like it. I think we might need another trailer because this one is only made for two. Although, Molly preferred to ride in the trailer instead of riding her own bike- which meant Elsie had to ride on Mollys lap 😂. poor Brian, he was pulling about 70lbs of babies. 🚴🏻🏋🏼


School Prep

I know I know it’s only preschool, but we are preparing to go back the week after next. Kate and I are practicing saying goodbye to each other without tears. Molly is planning her outfits and deciding what new and old friends she will play with (yes, she is still 4 not 14). And Elsie and I are imagining all the possibilities to do together with the two hours of freedom twice a week without the older sissies. 🏖.



Eclipse-ing was pretty relaxing 😎 

On the dinner front, It was yummmm mmmmm with this new recipe. You should try it. The girls loved it. 

Cookie making with grandma for FHE. 



We had a fun day. 


We’re still here

I’ve fallen off the blogging wagon. But I’m trying to get back into it.  These are the most recent photos on my phone. The girls at grandpa’s house and Kate modeling around our house. 


Family pictures

We survived and had successful family pictures the other day!



Celebrated Jim and janeys 50th wedding anniversary to night at Carvers Resturant. 


Aspen Grove

We had a wonderful time at AG. I think everyone in the family had a great time. I loved all the activities and the opportunity to enjoy them while not having to worry about my small girls. Everything was taken care of. Some of the highlights for me were hiking, archery, shooting, slip n slide, playing with my camera, laser tag, ropes course, napping, matching t-shirts, Molly’s talent, 9 square, swimming, and exceeding my “steps” goal every day by thousands. Brian loved the archery because he was so great at it. Molly loved her camp group and swimming. I hope we can do it again in a few years.

Now, we are going to need a few days to recover and heal the ear infections we brought home and catch up on some lost sleep.