Alone Time

Elsie and I got some alone time today. So we played with the camera. Her modeling is really coming along. She turned 10 months old yesterday! Here is an update. She crawls all over the house. Her main destination is the top of the stair gate (scratching to go down like a puppy) because she loves to be in the basement playing along side her sisters surrounded by toys. Elsie claps her hands in excitement and can scream so loud it will make your ears ring and briefly go deaf. She loves to eat anything and everything as long as she can feed it to herself. When she gets tired she likes her me-me(Blanket), binky and to be left alone in her crib (not super cuddly). No teeth… yet. But today I saw her crawl up to the chair leg and take a big bite. I think the wood leg was harder then she thought. She cried shortly after biting down. But the photos before show her teething in full force.


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