Alaska Day 2

Alaska Sea Life Center was a blast. We loved the sea birds, Stella sea lion and harbor seals, touched star fish and more. Playing on the beach.  Wildlife conservation Center next stop, Alyeska hotel tram 🚋 ride up to the glacier bowl. 

 Mosquito in my ear!hotel birthday party ​​with room service!!! Baked Alaska in Alaska!! Elsie is trying out her new floaty. ​​(terrified mom)​



First day in Whittier, Alaska. We took a 5 hour 26 glacier cruise out of the town. 

Date Night

We took the boys and their dates out tonight for pizza and a little bit of laser tag. 



Bishop in action (handing out candy 🍭 to the kids)




Summer Fun

This pool was worth Every penny because it has bonded these two like I have never seen. They have played together so kindly all afternoon. 😇😇(🤞🏻 it lasts)


Social Girls

It’s going to be hard to keep up with these little ladies social schedules this summer. There is a fine line between too busy and bored. ​

Kate went to an hour of dance camp this morning and then straight to swim lessons. Needless to say she was exhausted by nap time. She was a riot at swim lessons. Kate surpassed the swim teachers’ expectations by how comfortable and fearless she is in the water. All the more reason swim lessons are going to be needed and continued asap.



Elsie’s 9 Month Check Up



Party All Day

Today we went from party to party. Started out at a relief society super Saturday, then to a swim party, then to another birthday party- with stake conference after that. 


Girls Camp

Bishop’s Night I made a caramel apple bar with a shortbread crust for dessert. Brian’s counselor said it was the most amazing dessert he had in years. There were about 12 girls. It was a bit chilly. This year we made it home slightly before 11pm. Any camping itch that might had been in my body was scratched in the few hours we spent around the fire and eating dinner.