Hawaii Day 1

We started out the day planning on staying at the beach all day. Elsie ate fists full of sand while I wasn’t looking. 🤢 After an hour (by this time it was only 10am) we were bored. So we packed up and the girls fell asleep as soon as we buckled them into the car. Brian and I spontaneously decided to take a drive the other side of the island to Hilo and explore. On our adventure we stopped at this road side fruit stand and had fresh pineapple and coconut water. The girls didn’t like the coconut water, but the pineapple was like candy. We visited and hiked to the lookout point at Akaka Falls(notice how we are still in our beach attire 😬) tourists along the trail were amazed that we had so many young children.  A Japanese tourist even stopped to take pictures of them because they are so cute. We stopped for dinner at my dads favorite diner. The food was yummy! The girls ate banana pancakes with all sorts or tropical syrups. Elsie got to sit right in the middle of the action in the best high chair we have come acrossed at a restaurant. We journeyed out to see my dads old property – not much to see from the road.  


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