Sunday Girls



Morning Out

After a week of rain, we went  exploring downtown in the cool, but sunny  weather. 

A Buggy Kind Of Day

Preschool is the best. 


Date Night

It had beautiful dancing throughout. 



Kate is up to her old tricks again. Got into my mascara while I was in the bathroom today. ​

Molly wanted/demanded to make popcorn and watch the sunset.

 I love ❤️ it when they get along. They are doing better now that Kate has more words in her vocabulary. 

 I made this tent today for the girls to camp in. ⛺️ 

Elsie is now feeding herself. 



 My visiting teaching partner and I hosted a ladies luncheon at my house. It was fun to set the table without child place setting.  

Although, as soon as my ladies left the girls demanded to paint! 🙄

Kate is a great painter 👩‍🎨 as long as her hands stay clean. 🤚 


Dead Horse Point



Molly is very good at making friends wherever she goes. We hiked in Arches National Park. The girls hated most of it and tried bringing every small pebble rock they saw home (via dad’s pocket 😂)delicate arch viewing. 


Road Trip

We decided to accompany Brian to Moab for his Utah Derm meeting. We are staying in a cute cabin at the Red Cliffs Lodge.


Missionary Activity 

All the youth got called to serve ‘missions’ around the world. It was such a fun activity. The youth learned about mission life, how to teach a discussion, learned about cultures, food and customs. Each place was hosted by a RM from that place. JapanCambodia South Carolina Chicken feet tasting from Hong Kong 🇭🇰

Brazil 🇧🇷, 🇲🇽 mexico (not pictured)

Everyone had a wonderful time!