Beautiful Sunday 

We had a great Sunday. Nana & papa had a fabulous homecoming. Elsie is almost a thumb sucker! 


Date Night

With Brian’s Priest Quorum.  Such a great group of 16yr olds!  We ate fajita raclett and dipped bites into chocolate fondue. Played games, laughed and talked a lot!

Thirds The Charm

Ask me how Elsie is sleeping…..

Like a dream baby. She has really  gotten the hang of it. The past few days (naps) and nights she hasn’t even cried when I put her down in her crib and said good night. She just turns her head and falls asleep- I swear while still smiling. She is an angel with such a sweet spirit. She caught on to the “sleep training” kinda quickly, it’s almost as if she was training me to sleep through the night. 😳..#3 baby is the charm. 

In other news, her two older sisters are pretty sweet too….most the time.