Lights, Camera, Action

Molly and Kate were invited to be in a music video shoot by a neighbor who is a kids casting director. I was skeptical- but went with an open mind and the intention that the girls wouldn’t take direction (because the don’t take mine!) but I was very surprised how well they did and how much they loved it.  They were paid in toys and balloons 🎈 at the end. I can’t wait to see the finished product. 



Molly is performing at the Festival of Trees on Saturday. 


Should be pretty adorable. 

Letters to Santa 

We “wrote”​​ letters to Santa tonight. Molly wants an umbrella 🌂, a fan and something else I can’t understand. Kate wants something very specific too, but I can’t understand her either. 


It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas

Baking and eating fresh gingerbread boys and decorating the tree 🌲in footie pajamas-what a night!


Happy Birthday Kate 

Swimming with cousins was a blast. ​we saw Disneys Moana! 

2 years ago!We can’t imagine life without Kate! 



We ate and ate. Everything was so good. I loved all the food. My stuffing turned out great, others made yummy dishes. The table was beautiful with all the real dishes. My pies were very rich. I think I nailed the crusts though. Dolls. 


Sledding Sisters 


Prep work

I had a blast baking today. I made cranberry sauce

Stuffing(3.5 pans)😳

6 pies (2 chocolate 🍫 silk, 2 apple cranberry, 2 peacan) all from scratch 

1 batch of rolls

Tomorrow I’ve got another batch of rolls and at some point a birthday cake for Miss Kate. Oh, and Saturday I’m making a 14lb 🦃 all for Brian. I can’t wait to taste the apple cranberry pie tomorrow. It looks 👌🏻. 


The Welcome Wagon

 So happy to have nana and papa home safe and sound. 



Elsie had her 2 month check up and Kate had her 2 year check up and molly got a flu shot. My happy girl!Not happy, because she got up at 4am and we tried to strip her down to her diaper. She won. 3 suckers later.