Trick or Treat

 “Lucinda” the witchOur neighbors out did themselves. 



 I outdid myself with tonight’s dinner. I thought it was amazing and really easy to make. The girls on the other hand wouldn’t eat the salmon with just rice- not even Kate -my best eater.

Laying Low

We’ve been laying low this past week or so, but the week of Halloween shenanigans has begun. Molly went to dance class as Aurora, sleeping beauty. Tomorrow it’s costume day at preschool. (Candy over load) Elsie is starting to smile and make faces and it’s pretty cute. So far she is a great baby. She is almost 6 weeks old. This total babe has been my bff lately. Today we went to Costco together and she ate an entire hotdog by herself 😳😱and seemed to really enjoy it.   She has been teething these past two weeks😟.


Our normal hours of poor quality sleep these days are about 4-5 hours (non consecutive) a night- just incase anyone was wondering out there. Between Kate’s teething midnight shenanigans, Molly’s potty breaks and Elsie’s nursing needs, Brian and I still somehow make it through the days.  Here are some of the things we’ve been up to this weekend.

Attempted newborn photos of Elsie and her entourage. Although, elsie wasn’t feeling them so we are going back tomorrow to try it again.  Elsie got a new bassinet next to my bed. It’s called a rock n play. It rocks itself. Wish we would have had it for our other babies.   We got our Christmas lights put up. 🚥🚥🚥🚥 We hit Boo Lights at the zoo. 

Everyone has head colds,  so we (minus Brian) missed church and stayed in our pajamas all day, made chicken noodle soup and played tea party. 

More Pictures

After recovering from mastitis this past week, we went to get Elsie’s newborn pictures taken. Elsie brought her diva attitude and we have to come back another day without her entourage and preferably less gas and her G.I. system. 


We don’t make it out of the house besides to preschool and today we are getting ready to attempt family pictures 😫 Kate senses when Molly is in a bad mood or tired and teases her relentlessly while driving.  Elsie got a bath 🛀🏼today – which she loves. She always dozes off during in the water 💤💦and today is her first day wearing a non Jammie outfit (a bit big on her). Happy three weeks (yesterday) Elsie!