Dads Away

Brian is away for the night speaking in Dallas so I like to spoiled the girls rotten.  The girls started out with haircuts. This is Kate’s first hair cut! She loved it and held perfectly still for the lady to cut- good thing too because it was just a bang trim. Molly got her usual bob cut- super adorable. While Molly got her hair cut she started making small talk with the hairdresser. I should have recorded it. It was as if Molly was an adult making conversation to fill the awkward silence- the hairdresser didn’t appreciate the small talk like I did-because Molly kept turning her head. 🙄 but I loved it because it has been awhile since I have heard her talk without a hint of whine in her voice. 

I caught some of the back to school sales at the mall while the girls were home napping with Anna and I brought them all cupcakes home. I stepped into a Walmart for the first time in months (for some gift wrapping supplies, cards and rainny day toys for the girls- all non online shoppable items) . I found some great princess stickers and the beloved “Princess Palace Pet” figurines.  

Then we went to Grandma’s house, got the paints out and made a big mess.😘 

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