#3 Update

I wouldn’t mind if she came any day (I’m so uncomfortable). However, odds are I’ll make it to my scheduled induction in 3 whole weeks. 😩 

Sunday Best

 These little ladies are doing 100x better at being reverent at church.

We had an impromptu drive up the canyon in our “play clothes”

 They love their tutus.

Drywall Day

Bright and early (I’m sure the neighbor’s appreciated this)😀
They have been able- so far to send everything (workers included) through the window well. It has been minimal traffic upstairs. For the drywall they actually took out the whole window to slide it through. It has been so luxurious to have a Contractor doing this project. I couldn’t imagine having to coordinate all these people. 


 We hit the zoo, then we gave up on naps and hit the bread store. After that we hit the pool, Mayers Fried Chicken and last, Olympic watching marathon with Aunt Deb.  I can’t wait till Molly goes to preschool.