These pictures make them look like bffs. But after the past two days of fighting with each other- this is as good as it gets. 



We are starting construction on our basement shortly! Making 2 bedrooms, a dreamy craft nook and organized storage! 



Splash pad

We had a fun time exploring  a new splash pad. 



​ Molly had great swim lessons this week. She learned how to jump off the diving board and can float on her back by herself. 
 We hosted Neighborhood Popsicle night. Neighbor’s stayed until way past our bedtime! 

 Molly made rice crispy treats for the Neighborhood Popsicle night. 



Tonight Brian is in San Diego having dinner on the beach. 

Molly started a new swim classes and turns out they are private lessons.  

 And we are going through princess bandaids as if they were stickers (no actual wounds however). 🤕

 I spent the day making banana cream pies (all different sizes) and I got a bit carried away -making it all (crust,pudding/custard & whipped cream)  from scratch. The neighbor’s are loving them right now. Hopefully there are some left for Brian to eat when he comes home🤔. 


Game Night

It was a fun night with the Tufts!



Practicing for our ward’s bike rodeo. ​
 Hiking Little Cottonwood Canyon’s Temple Granit Mine for FHE. 

 I missed out on a campfire this summer with the family at the reservoir and I was craving smores- so I made my own smores- minus the dirt, and roasted to perfection. 


Studio 5

 Another great performance Bri. Click here to watch  


Baby #3 Update

Incase you are wondering how much longer until my induction date Sept 14th or 15th…

Baby is healthy and I’m fine too- enjoying my sleep without feeding every two hours and not carrying a car seat around while wrangling two others. So I’m in no hurry at the moment to pass time because I’ve realized they are easier inside the womb than outside. 


Life Changing Advice

Another mom of 3 small children gave me some life changing advice over the weekend. She told me about how you can order your groceries online from Walmart and drive to the store and they load them all in your car. Get this…No extra charge! I am never walking into a grocery store again- especially with my children. I picked up first batch of groceries today and it felt like Christmas as I was pulling up to the store, then seeing my basket magically come out and placed in my car while the girls whinned in their car seats. Someday soon the thought of having to hunt and find groceries while pushing a cart with babies in it will be a distant memory😍❤️💗 I am loving Walmart for this.