Wow I’m 30! My twenties were great. I stayed busy. 

Today we are having a blast at Cowabunga Bay Water Park for the first time! The weather is cloudy and we had rain, but the water is heated to hot tub temperature so it’s all wonderful! Everything seems so geared to our kids ages- we love it. 


Busy Week

Feels like we have been doing swim lessons all week (though we kind of have). ​

    Yesterday around 5:00pm in the sunniest spot in our backyard! 

This morning Brian left for Youth Confrence in Bear Lake. 16 youth. Our house was the meeting/breakfast spot- or as Molly called it the party spot. 

On a pregnancy note- I’m exhausted. 

Swim School

After searching for awhile, I finally got Molly in swim lessons at an outdoor pool. She did so great! The warm flamingo pool has spoiled us-This pool was a bit chilly. She was in a class with 5 year olds who were afraid of the water, but Molly jumped right in and was more comfortable in the water than most the kids in the class. 🐠🐟🌟⭐️


Happy Father’s Day

Tie is one of a kind my Molly and Kate. 


First Time

Today was Kate’s first time on a pony! She loved it and she had the time of her life. The girls look so big- but I think the ponies are just little. 

 This is “mom take my picture”. I said, “Kate, go stand next to Molly”. 

Girls said together, “cheese”. Viola. 


Afternoon Treat

Once in awhile we like to spoil ourselves after good naps. 


Disaster Flooding

We had torrential rain this afternoon. Then later this evening Brian went to reset out internet router and felt soggy carpet. Our window well was full of water. We had professional carpet guy (aka our neighbor Steve) help come rip out the padding and we saved the baseboards and drywall by ripping it out immediately. Now we have fans drying out the carpet. But like anything- it could have been worse. 


Away They Go

We pulled this car trailer out of the box and it was a hit with the both of them. I love that they are finally starting to play with each other. 


Sunday Best

This picture sums up our delightful Sunday at church today. 


Girls Camp