Play date 

We invited some of the neighbor kids over for a play date in our backyard. Pretty fun. 


Pool Season! 

We have already had two fun trips to the pool this weekend. It was a reminder how old Molly is getting. She wears goggles and can go underwater (briefly) with her nose plugged & mouth closed. 

And after years of thinking about it and putting it off, we finally removed some bushes and planted some shade trees in our backyard (thanks to our pregnancy nesting phase). Brian did it all himself!

 One is an ash tree and the other is an autumn blaze maple. 

In the fall the blaze will get this red. 

The ash tree is just supposed to be a fast growing good shade tree. 

In about 15 years someone will have to decide which tree to keep because they are too close to let them reach their potential together- But until then we will enjoy both and hopefully some relief from the sun. It has been a productive holiday weekend around here. 


After dinner we visited some of the Williams graves. I was behind on the flowers so the girls and I took homemade windmills and flags.  Tom got his headstone and it looks pretty nice. 


Sunday Best



Playhouse is Complete!

Isn’t it cute?!

 It even has a floor. Brian did a great job. We have been playing in it all morning. 


Last Day of Preschool

We were so sad today was Molly’s last day! She has loved every second of preschool. She has grown and learned so so much. We are so so so excited for next year. 

 But this girl is ready for summer. She has been asking to go to the pool for the last few days!!!


3 Amigos

Are pretty cute. 



I picked this playhouse up from Costco a few weeks ago and it has been sitting in the box begging to be assembled. Well tonight we finally had time to start. We are about 4 hours into the project (half way) and project to be finished sometime this weekend. 

 It’s hard to say who is more excited for this play house- Me or Molly. I hired landscapers to clear a special spot in our backyard for this baby to sit. 

 The two bushes and rock were transplanted to a new home. I hope they survive. 



We stopped by the farm at Gardner Villiage today before the weather turned. 


Recital Video

Molly is the 3rd from the left