Disneyland Day 3

MMollys and Brian’s favorite new ride in carsland. 

Molly living it up in Disneyland with endless Treats. 


Disney Day 2

The night time parade- we just can’t get enough of it! I think the girls dance through the whole thing! 
Weather has been perfect but lines a bit heavy. No major melt downs. Molly’s favorite ride of the day is Buzz Lighyear’s Astro Blaster because you get a gun, says Molly. Kate prefers to be carried by dad throughout the park. 

Disneyland day 1

Molly rode her favorite roller coaster 5x in a row. 

Kate was in heaven on the pooh ride and the Little Mermaid ride. 

 The princesses were the biggest highlight so far! Molly loved visiting each one.


Fairy Hunting

We went fairy hunting at Gardner Villiage. They had a lot of fairies and fairy house to scout out. The girls and I got in the fairy spirit. We also decided we are going to make our own fairy gardens this summer. 


Tulip Festival & Ice Cream



So Excited

Yep. She’s coming mid September. I’m so excited!❤️💖💝💗