It was a happy lunch for me and Kate because she learned how to climb up ChickFilA’s playground and go down the slide BY HERSELF! Now, if only her and Molly would play together like best friends my lunches would be heaven.  




 Kate was very into hunting eggs- and quite good at it. Molly loved dying the eggs and eating jelly beans.  


  Leaving a treat for the bunny. 



Molly’s favorite thing to do is build a fort. Last night Anna Marie built one with Molly while Brian and I were out.  We are so lucky to have Anna Marie as our babysitter since Molly was 5 month old. 




We have been stuck inside due to the cold weather. This morning Molly asked me if we could do some projects. So 2.5 mins later we were knee deep in a made up Easter craft.  

Shaving cream+ Elmers glue+ food coloring. Molly was quite proud of her blue bunny. 


Yesterday Janey came over and we had a great time. We had a picnic with the babies. Kate and Janey really got into caring for their babies. Molly on the other hand had a more hands off approch (or just blessed with a happy baby). “Molly is your baby hungry” I asked.  “She’s fine mom” as she’s does other things. šŸ˜§



Out and about



Happy Birthday

Brian’s birthday is off to a great start (Although it’s only noon and I’m exhausted).  

  Someone called a singing pink gorilla!


(Moms the photographer)


Girl Time

In Vegas we relaxed and just spent time together. We baked, had a picnic at the park, had delicious take out food, the girls broke in aunt Shelley’s new house and laughed a lot.    


Road Trip

We made it to Vegas. Our longest road trip. Kate only whinned most the time.   
  Our hotel!!!

   6hours of play time with grandma in the back seat. 



I mentioned to Molly she needed a cut sometime.  Then after naps we were running errands  and we pulled into the grocery store parking lot and she melted down. Telling me how badly she needed a hair cut and so on with tears and her face buried in her hands.  It broke my heart and I caved. We drove to the hair places and and got the poor girl a hair cut (before grocery shopping) She was very pleased in the end. 




Story timeĀ