Polynesian cultural center and pineapple plantation

We drove to the motherland of the pineapple dole whip. I personally don’t care for the icecream- but Brian and the girls love it. Molly calls pineapple “apple pie”. We have been trying the whole trip to teacher her “pineapple” but havent made much progress. On our way we stopped at the temple and BYU Hawaii. 

     Garden tour at the pineapple plantation. 
    After lunch at the pineapple plantation, we hit the Polynesian Cultural Center hard. We saw most the islands, did the luau/show and then the night show. We passed on most of the hands on activities because the girls were too young too participate. The girls were awful all day because they couldn’t just do what they wanted to like other beach days. But lucky us they both fell asleep during the night show so Brian and I could enjoy without having to wrangle.  We could have spent more time there if the girls were older. 
 Molly in New Zealand

    Pig from the ground


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