This Weeks Photo Review

    Grandma brought a puppy to visit Molly. She died and went to heaven- Molly not the puppy. 
  Brian and the girls spent the morning at the zoo. The girls look so big!   New baby giraffe. 

    Mom worked in Mollys preschool. Molly did a great job bringing her princesses to show and tell. 
  Grandma bought princess Tiana dresses for the girls.  

     Ward family dance-  a hit for the whole family.  
   Out of nowhere Molly says, “hey mom, take a picture.”



Womens luncheon

That was a lot of work.  36 tables of 8=288women. I’m exhausted. 


Last Day In Hawaii

We tried to sleep in after a late night at the Polynesian cultural center, but had no luck. The girls were up in full force at 6am. Keepin mind  the sun doesn’t rise until after 7am! We packed up and dos some exploring. Went back to the temples visitors’ center. The we dove to a sea life center that was just ok.  Then we drove to Disney’s Aulani Resort for dinner and toured it. We decided the restaurants /food were more reasonable than the Hilton in Kona and the water play ground looked fun too. But the resort was very crowded. 



Polynesian cultural center and pineapple plantation

We drove to the motherland of the pineapple dole whip. I personally don’t care for the icecream- but Brian and the girls love it. Molly calls pineapple “apple pie”. We have been trying the whole trip to teacher her “pineapple” but havent made much progress. On our way we stopped at the temple and BYU Hawaii. 

     Garden tour at the pineapple plantation. 
    After lunch at the pineapple plantation, we hit the Polynesian Cultural Center hard. We saw most the islands, did the luau/show and then the night show. We passed on most of the hands on activities because the girls were too young too participate. The girls were awful all day because they couldn’t just do what they wanted to like other beach days. But lucky us they both fell asleep during the night show so Brian and I could enjoy without having to wrangle.  We could have spent more time there if the girls were older. 
 Molly in New Zealand

    Pig from the ground


Pearl Harbor

Tragedy hit while we were here. A tourist helicopter crashed while we were on the Arizona memorial. So sad. Here’s a link to the news story    



Day 3

Busy day. Played at the beach in the morning. Lunch. Check out. Flew to Oahu. Rented a car. Went to Poli lookout (windy). Dinner, grocery store, check in our Airbnb. All in a day. The girls fell asleep after the lookout point.  

 Poli lookout point. A bit windy. 

Panaramic view. 

  Nothing is cuter than a baby in swimwear. 

   Kate loved just walking in and out of the water. 
  Molly says,”don’t talk to me, mom”.

  Breakfast for princesses. 

  Just so you get a better view of the lagoon were we have been lounging for the past 3 days. 


Hawaii Day 2

     Kate LOVES the beach. She loves the sand specifically. I caught her eating the sand before we realized it was time for lunch. Then after lunch she threw up šŸ˜¬.
  Molly and Brian rented a kayak and took a ride in the lagoon. (Kate and I had to get out of the sun when Kate started vomiting) It’s hard to say who was having more fun on the water.  

The resort has many water slides. After naps, Brian and I had a blast on the big ones and then we took Kate and Molly on the smaller ones. 



Hawaii Day 1

The girls woke up at 5am. We patiently waited for the sun to rise at 7:30am! But happy to say we kept the girls up until about 7pm. Fingers crossed they sleep 12 hours tonight.  

  Whale watching at sunset. 
  Mom conquered the pool sans Brian!

  Kicking it in Hawaii. 



Happy ValentinesĀ 

We are off to Hawaii!!! 



Valentine’s Night Out

Tonight we went to Hilcrest High’s Solo and Ensemble Renaissance Dinner show.  It was so much fun!  5 course Renaissance meal we ate with our hands (soup in bread bowls, warm cider/tang drink – gross, chicken on skewers, salad, potatoes and a mini fruit tart). We loved the cheese platter at the start with crackers and fresh berries. The performances were wonderful and entertaining. Costumes/details were outstanding.