Finishing Our Basement 

Yep. We are doing it. I guess we have to start on this sometime. This picture makes us look like horders😬. I’m going to miss this giant ‘storage’ area I send things to disappear.  After I took this picture I spent 2 hours reorganizing and consolidating a few areas (so it actually looks better now). Area by area each day during naptime it will look better (and some trips to the DI). Brian likes to save everything, and I think we don’t need any of it. Needless to say this cleaning out project could take some time and compromise 😐😬. 



One thought on “Finishing Our Basement 

  1. Sorry, I’m afraid Brian may have inherited his hoarding from me. I always think I may need it later, or can use it some other way. You’d think I was raised during the war. I came after, but I think my folks were still thinking that way and passed it on to me.
    Jim and I have the same differences when we try to clean out. I am determined to get it under control next year when we come home.

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