Fresh Air

It was warming up outside so we got our coats and saw the horses at Wheeler farm.  

  In the evening Brian and I went to PMT and saw a play (which I was ready to leave at intermission because I didn’t care for the story but we stayed of course). The girls got to stay home and build forts with aunt Lisa.  




I did not expect Kate to LOVE coloring this much at this age. She can’t get enough.  

  Kate has some marker/ some rash around her lips. 

    “Those are hearts with dots in the middle” says Molly.
 Some of Kate’s rash- which actually looks even better today. 


Poor Kate is sick with a horrible virus that is causing a painful rash and sore throat. But she was all smiles when she got to sit forward for a road trip to Sanpete County to pick up our cow.  



Finishing Our BasementĀ 

Yep. We are doing it. I guess we have to start on this sometime. This picture makes us look like hordersšŸ˜¬. I’m going to miss this giant ‘storage’ area I send things to disappear.  After I took this picture I spent 2 hours reorganizing and consolidating a few areas (so it actually looks better now). Area by area each day during naptime it will look better (and some trips to the DI). Brian likes to save everything, and I think we don’t need any of it. Needless to say this cleaning out project could take some time and compromise šŸ˜šŸ˜¬. 



Stomping GroundĀ 

Since we had been in the house for what seems like ages, this afternoon we got out in the rain and went to the Children’s Museum at Gateway.   



Provo Temple

We got right in without tickets or waiting and amazing parking- just walked right in to the theater to view the video. Tips. If you park in parking lot A (Nu Skin/temple underground parking) you don’t have to brave the weather and don’t even need a coat. And if you sit in the last few rows of the theater you will be ahead of the people in the massive room because they take from the back. And prepare yourself for a lot


lime shimmery green




After about a month off of dance class we went back today and loved every minute of it.  Can you believe that there is going to be a spring dance recital!!!! I can’t wait.  

  I’ve been baking up a storm lately. Today I made 4 quiche with my new pie/ tart pans. I spent all day making them. They were full of vegetables and a homemade crust. Well the girls wouldn’t eat them. So they had a peanut butter and jelly sandwich for dinner and loved it. Not sure what I’m going to do with all the quiche.  šŸ˜”




Nursery yesterday was a handful but I had some great helpers. 


    The birthday celebration continues. 




Grandma gave Molly a vintage toy sewing machine for her birthday (yes it sews and don’t worry she won’t sew her fingers). Naturally Molly died and went to heaven as she “sewed” with grandma. Grandma hit it out of the park with this gift. Molly played with it for hours today. And was very excited to take it home.   




 We are glad Molly made it into the world 3 years ago.