Makes my heart melt! Whenever there is paint -she’s in heaven. 




     I lost a pan 😬 (which no one missed because there were about 100 left over).
  I helped out with a neighbor’s daughter’s wedding last night. I made 260 peppermint cheesecakes. The reception was at the same place our reception was at. A fun trip down memory lane. 


It has taken 13 months. But Kate has finally found the joy in a binky. Unfortunately, these big lips is the only binks we have around.  

  Other news- I got bangs.  


Merry Christmas



Christmas Eve

Such a lovely night.    
Best turkey I have ever made! So flavorful and juicy!!!!!A+. Everyone at my table said it was the best turkey they had ever had. 

Cookies for Santa! 




Cookies with Grandma



Elves Preparing

Brian and I have been so busy these last two weeks preparing for Christmas. 

Christmas cards out✔️

 Most presents wrapped ✔️

Fridge/ microwave  cleaned✔️

Groceries bought✔️

Dinner prep✔️

Neighbor gifts ✔️

The last few days I have been cooking and cleaning preparing for our Christmas Eve feast. I’m making a traditional thanksgiving meal. Yesterday, I made an apple sage sausage stuffing (ready for the oven)  

(The recipes picture, not mine)  and fresh cranberry sauce

 (again, not my picture but my results were similar)

 Today I made rolls (in the freezer until I’m ready to bake in Thursday) the rolls turned out amazing then I  put my naked turkey in her brine and cleaned out my fridge. This is my first time doing a brine. My friend swears by it. So we’ll see.  

 (Photo- Martha Stewart) the actual bird looks a lot less glamorous in my garage.  
Christmas Eve day I’ll pick up Shelley from the airport and do mashed potatoes, gravy, pop the turkey in and make a salad – not in that order. 

Oh. And Brian if your reading this. This meal is part of your Christmas presents. ❤️😘 get ready for leftovers. 

I’ll have to update these pictures with my own after Thursday. 😬😆


Check Up

I took two little girls I for their check ups and shots. Poor Molly started to cry as soon as we pulled into the parking lot. “No doctor mom” said Molly.   But she was brave and a big helper when it came time to listen to Kate’s heartbeat and fetching sucker after sucker. Molly got two shots and Kate got 4!!! 




Molly told Santa, “I want a pony”.  Kate wanted nothing to do with Santa this year.