Bishop Williams

A new chapter begins in our family this Sunday.   


Tucson fun!

We had a fun time in Tucson!! So amazing, we didn’t want to leave!



Birthday Party

Tonight we had a little birthday party for Kate with grandma!   



Christmas Tree

After 2 faulty defected Christmas trees from Costco we found a keeper.  



Rs Christmas dinner

    The women brought their Christmas dishes and China and set up pretty tables. !!!!!


House Lights

Yahoo. We have lights up!  

  Earlier I showed some ladies how to make caramel and dip apples.  



Oh Christmas Tree

   Yep it’s up. 


Kate’s birthday dinner

We had Sunday dinner to celebrate November birthdays. This is Kate’s first! We love her.  



Primary Program

 As you can see Molly ‘rocked’ in the primary program.   


The Best

I love dropping off and  picking up Molly from pre school. We both are so excited when I pull into the preschool parking  lot (each different reasons). Then when she runs to me when I return to pick her up and she can’t wait to show and tell me about her time at preschool. Melts my heart 2x a week.  

   September/October projects came down today.