Trick or Treat



Do It MySelf

Our dishewasher stopped cleaning my dishes like it used to all of a sudden and leaving 2 inches of standing water after each cycle. So after searching for good repaire man I gave up and decided to fix it myself. I looked up how to’s on YouTube and found Brian’s drill kit and went to town. After unscrewing about 12 screws I found a 95% clogged filter. I ordered a new filter online and replaced it for under $90.  

ANew filter

    Clogged filter

Ward Party

  Molly stealing the Halloween parade.  

 I cleaned my Cheshire cat’s litter box with the help of the trick or treaters. 😄 I won ” funniest trunk ” 


Dance Class

This week the girls went to dance in their Halloween costumes. It was adorable.   What a treat!!! I was able to post videos!


Janey can really shake it!

Preschool Co-Op

I have been helping in Mollys preschool this week. She has been doing so well these past few weeks. Today, it was her turn for show and tell and she chose to bring Skip-the horse to show everyone. She did a great job.