Nana Comes To Dance Class

It was so fun having Nana come and see Molly and Janey dance.  Watching these little girls dance always brightens my day!




Moments like these are why sisters are so fun. Molly will use her legs to scoot the plane along. Kate will get her arm going trying to wave. Cutest thing in the world. 



Dental Work

 i had some dental work done in the morning. Ouch the numbing shots hurt in a serious way.   
 Our stake put on refreshments after the women’s conference. Apple pie and ice cream. Great talks. 



It’s Friday!!!

Feels like it’s been a long week. Is September over yet? 

We finished the long day out at the zoo. 

 We had to check on the baby orangutan monkey named Tua at the zoo. Her and Kate still look about the same size. 

 Meanwhile at preschool…..   Molly  chose to wear her cowboy boots to preschool. Was very adorable.   
 A baby kangaroo came to visit the preschool today. Which was also very adorable. I think I am loving preschool just as much as Molly. 
After dinner we tried working on our family music video. I’m having a hard time getting Kate to lip-sync. But I’m pulling out my dance movesūüėú



Pumpkin Cookies

    Molly never misses a chance to help mom bake.  


Sneak Peak

You get a sneak peak of our family pictures we took today! They haven’t been edited yet but I’m pleased with them! Thanks to my old pageant photographer Marc Reynolds. 

     Every picture Kate took was perfect. 

  Molly did not disappoint- she brought the diva attitude. 



10 months

Almost. My pediatrician is so hard to get into. Kate had to see him for her 9 month appointment at 10 months. She is very healthy and petite. 5% weight to be exact. But taller with 68% for length.  She had her first tooth pop up the other day and it has been lots of tears and fussiness since. We both left with bandaids on our arm (Kate’s leg) from flu shots. 

  Meanwhile, Molly was at preschool doing adorable little preschool things.  Every time I pick her up she gets so excited to show me what she made. And she gets excited to tell me about her snack she ate. Her teacher said today, Molly kept her backpack on the entire time. Mondays and Fridays are definitely our favorite days around here. 



Super Saturday 

wow. A lot of work 




What a day! Molly went to preschool and made a bird feeder! She was so proud! Went shopping, then I came home and made caramel for 100 apples and then dipped them. No big deal. Right.  I’m exhausted.  Definitely over did it.