First Day of Preschool!!

   There was so much for her to do and play with! 
  Meme stayed tucked away in the backpack and it wasn’t needed.   Moms (& kate) got to stay for the first class and then after today I will be helping every few weeks in the class room. 

  She loved it. I loved it. Kate loved it. She can’t wait to go back.  She goes every Monday and Friday 11am-12:30pm. 

 Didn’t make it home for naps. But I can’t wait to just drop her off & pick her up on Friday!


Caramel Apples

I am doing a caramel apple dipping demo for our Relief Society Super Saturday in a few weeks. Today we started advertising. What better way is there to advertise than to bring caramel apples for display. Then right before church ended I cut them up and the whole ward got to sample their goodness. I had 8 apples all together. They were a hit to say the least. Tons of women signed up for the demo.  


Play Date

While at the parent meeting for preschool I learned that the best way to get 2 year olds to play nice with each other and stop the sharing back and forth- or lack thereof is to redirect them. So this morning we had sweet Janeybug over and we had some redirecting because Molly gets territorial.  We had a blast! We played with washi tape and got our fingers dirty with shaving cream and watercolors. I know I loved it. 




Molly got to meet her teachers last night at Holladay Preschool. She loved every second in that classroom. When it was time to leave she threw a massive tantrum. “No mom! I stay here!” She said as she stomped her foot in protest. We then bribed her with the play ground outside and we all left peacefully.   



Mini Date

my mom came over to play with the girls so we got to sneak away. We tried this yummy dessert place in Holladay. I had the key lime pie and Brian had the chocolate cake. We loved it.    
 Molly got another adorable haircut.  She is a pro at sitting through them now. 




Kate is so sweet. She will be 9 months old this week. She is in love with this amazingly soft and gorgeous blanket Claudia Nelson knitted for her. She has to have it to go to sleep. She grabs it and clings onto it. So adorable.  



Happy Saturday

We started out the day at the zoo and had a blast. Molly played in the splash pad and couldn’t wait to see the snakes. Then I went shopping with my sister and Brian took the girls hiking (2miles) to Secret Lake up Little Cottonwood Canyon.  

     Kate refused to wear her hat apparently. 
  Splashing at the zoo. 


Lisa’s White Coat Ceremony






Bees Game

We were invited by the Utah Medical to watch the Bees Baseball game tonight. We had a blast. They had a great BBQ dinner for us. Molly was scared at first but then got into the action. She even got to try batting in the kids park next to the field.  

  Molly being scared

    Kate had a ball. She clapped and clapped



We visited The Farm at Thanksgiving Pointe. Of course there were pony rides, goats and chickens. We even rode a wagon drawn by huge horses.