Keeping Busy

I was reminded tonight that it is easier to let Kate cry it out when I’m in the middle of a project. I made strawberry jam tonight with leftover strawberries. Mmmm. Now that we have an extra freezer-freezer jam is happening at our house.  


Oh and Kate put herself to sleep in the crib after about 45 minutes of crying and whining. Then put herself back to bed after Mollys many bedtime tantrums. 


2 thoughts on “Keeping Busy

  1. The jam looks wonderful. Sorry about the bedtime, I’m praying for you. We gave everyone a dish of ice cream before they went to bed. I’m not sure it helped, but it was part of the bed-time routine along with a story and song. They say eating cereal will also make you sleepy. You could try that as part of a bedtime routine. We would sit or lay on their bed and read a book and then sing some church songs. “Tell Me The Stories of Jesus”, “I Am A child of God”, and one other one I can’t think of right now. Ask Brian, maybe he will remember. I remember sitting in Chris and Brian’s room, nursing Mike and singing them to sleep.

  2. Yay Kate for putting herself to bed after 45 minutes!!! Yay for you for being productive and dealing with the crying – it’s the worst. I inherited giving our kids a treat before bed from my parents. Often it’s ice cream, more often it’s a tootsie roll or something. I figure it didn’t ruin me, but I don’t know if it actually helped me get to bed or just tasted good.

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