Date Night 

and my birthday. The highlights were watching Molly at dance, lunch at our hot house with mom and aunt Julie, then dropped the girls off at Wendy’s and went to  market street grill.  Low lights were the AC not getting fixed after paying $$$$$ mucho. 😡 

  Note my new selfie stick. 



  Yep. Our air conditioner is broken and no one can look at it until tomorrow. 😖 

Little Girls

We are enjoying summer!!!           


Happy Sunday

All ready for church. Molly is in LOVE with her princess backpack. It now goes everywhere with us. Kate turned 7months a few days ago and is wearing size 9 month clothing. Love these little girls.    


Relief Society Cookie and Book Social

I put on a cookie and book social for releif society tonight. I made 4 types of cookies. Lemon bars, sugar cookies (Utah shaped), mint chocolate chip & almond joy cookies. We had a decent turn out of ladies.  



Molly’s First Dance Class

Molly started ballet class this morning. She loved her leotard, loved loved her  dance skirt and hated her dance shoes. So she wore her sandals instead because she would not take them off. Parents only got to stay for the first few minutes. But I think she had fun. After ballet she went into tumbling. The two classes together class were an hour and a half.  



Fathers Day

 Kate is sitting up! 
      The bird houses Molly painted with grandma for Brian. Molly is so proud. 

 For dessert I made a fruit brussetta with mangos, strawberries and kiwi. I loved it. Brian and Molly loved the bread, fruit and sauce separate- not together.    
Kate loves the fruit. 


Kate’s Check Up

 Healthy and VERY Happy    






Kate started rice cereal and bananas a few days ago.   It was a hit to say the least.