Wheeler Farm

We made an impromptu visit to the farm today. All Molly wanted to ride her horse Skip. But once she saw she could ride the cow, Skip the horse was forgotten.  

      Molly says (in her broken words, grunts & whining) “No Mom! I’m not leaving. I want to ride the cow again and again. Actually mom, I want to stay right here forever!” Then I say, “icecream? Molly”.   

Brian is gone from the night so we are having a girls night in. We ate Thai curry and spring rolls for dinner (the curry/spring rolls weren’t a hit with Molly so she had a big bowl of Berry Berry Kicks cereal). Then we watched (1/4) the Disney movie Brave. Oh that red hair. Then it was time for bed. Kate  (I) had an amazing night sleep last night for the first time (pretty much) in 6 months. Let’s hope tonight is just as great. She beat Molly to sleep tonight. 



2 thoughts on “Wheeler Farm

  1. I loved the pictures and the comments. Thanks for being so faithful. I am praying for you to get more sleep…

  2. Love the pictures!! Great Grandpa Carlisle would say “That cow is a great substitute for a horse”.

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