Saturday in Paris 

We hit the Louvre and saw the highlights. It took about 2 hours skipping the long lines because we had a stroller.  

After that we taxied to the Champs- Élyésee and stopped right infront of the place I have been wanting to visit to buy macaroons. We got there and Brian decided to treat us to a special Mother’s Day lunch. I was beyond excited. And I left with a box of macaroons. It was a very French experience. It took 2.5 hours for lunch and had 3 courses. Definitely one of my favorite experiences in Paris! Brian even loved it. 














  Then we had dinner and ice cream with some friends that are living in Paris. Amazing ice cream.  Molly loves her ice cream. 

    This has been an amazing trip. Each leg was full of great sights and adventure. I have a great husband who is great at planning and seeking out adventure. 


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