Full Day

We hit some major sights in Normandy before heading to Disneyland Paris. We went to the last landing beach, Pegasus bridge & museum and a WWII museum in Caen, and then hit the road for Disneyland. It was about a 4 hour drive to Paris and then returned the rental car to the airport and taxied to Disneyland. Our apartment here is fabulous! Pictures tomorrow.   

Pegasus Bridge -the British troops captured hours before the troops came in from the beaches. Using the glider plane in the middle of the night. 

      The museum in Caen.  

A German bunker the museum is built above in Caen. 

Here are some photos I didn’t post from the past two days. 

 These are grape seed flowers that canola oil is extracted from. There are pretty grape seed fields all over. 

Our first hotel in Normandy. The cutest farm house bed and breakfast you have ever seen. Brain does such a great job finding great hotels.     

Molly is having fun. Although, the museums have been a bit tough for her to be in. I am so glad to be in Disneyland with her. 


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