Wheeler Farm

We made an impromptu visit to the farm today. All Molly wanted to ride her horse Skip. But once she saw she could ride the cow, Skip the horse was forgotten.  

      Molly says (in her broken words, grunts & whining) “No Mom! I’m not leaving. I want to ride the cow again and again. Actually mom, I want to stay right here forever!” Then I say, “icecream? Molly”.   

Brian is gone from the night so we are having a girls night in. We ate Thai curry and spring rolls for dinner (the curry/spring rolls weren’t a hit with Molly so she had a big bowl of Berry Berry Kicks cereal). Then we watched (1/4) the Disney movie Brave. Oh that red hair. Then it was time for bed. Kate  (I) had an amazing night sleep last night for the first time (pretty much) in 6 months. Let’s hope tonight is just as great. She beat Molly to sleep tonight. 



6 Months

Kate is 6 months old! She loves this bouncer, her Sophie the giraffe and playing peekaboo with Molly.  She can roll across the room, arch herself out of any seat and cries if I walk out of the room without her. Next up rice cereal. 



Memorial Sunday

After church and a big lunch we made the rounds to various grave sights near by.  We visited Brian’s side at the SLC Cemetery and then some of mine in the Bountiful Cemetery. 



What A Fun Day

We started the day driving to Ephraim to see the Scandinavian Day parade and then went to the festival to eat the Manti turkey and watch preforming groups. After that we played with cousins and regrouped. We gathered at the graves and then Brian and I went to my Aunt Julie’s home in Payson.  Molly got to ride “her” horse named Skip while Aunt Julie frosted hot cinnamon rolls for us. We had a blast today. We did get a little sunburned between the rain clouds.  

       See Brian climbing out of the tank among the kids. This was his favorite part of the festival.          Cousin Brian the horse whisperer. 





Brian wanted some Kongo bars and Molly pleaded to help. A quick pan of treats turned my kitchen into a flour mess. But I did have a cute helper.  



Scooting Along

Last Sunday Molly tried to take  her friends scooter and she actually took off with it down the sidewalk with no intention on coming back. So I bought her one and a helmet. She is in heaven and is quite good at riding it.  Look how big she looks!



Payson Temple

We hit the open house last night. My always favorite is seeing the upholstery throughout.  



Relief Society Give&Get 

This was a less glamorous activity we did this past Saturday. We asked people to donate items that they would normally give to the DI and then we advertised around the neighborhood about a yard sale where everything was free. I found some treasures for me and the girls and so did a lot of other people. This activity was a lot of work collecting, setting up, taking down the “treasures” on tables. But I think people found some great things. I know Molly did.  And we got rid of most the items. 




Sunday Selfies

Before church pictures    Kate is sitting up on her own and rolling over. She is between 5 and 6 months old. Her sleeping at night is getting better because she rolls into her tummy as soon as I put her down- which is where she likes to be.     I think I remember seeing a picture of Lisa when she was a baby with this same look on her face. 

This is the face Molly does when you ask her to look at the camera and say cheese. I think Aunt Lisa taught her this look.

I love these girls. 

I just thought I’d share some pictures from today while Molly is in timeout for pulling Kate’s hair and hitting her in the face. 😡