Day Trip To Sweden

We had a lovely car Ride to Sweden. We drove the car onto a ferry and drove off in Sweden. We then visited small towns where Brian’s ancestors once lived. We found a delicious bakery and satisfied our sweet tooth.  Here is Janets blog for more details 




   We made it uneventfully last night with luggage. So excited to be here. Molly is in heaven with her Nana and Papa. After a decent nights rest, we are headed to Sweden for the day today. 

Copenhagen Or Bust

Molly has been particularly wild lately. I wanted a leash for her- but Brian wasn’t into the leash. So I pinned a “in case I get lost” tag on her, so if she wonders off they could find us. It’s on the bottom of her shirt.  

We made it on the plane and we are about to take off to Copenhagen through Paris. First flight is 11 hours and we have the bulk head with a bassinet for Kate. We hope to get some sleep. Molly and Kate screamed through security and walking to the gate (scared all the passengers at the gate) but now are all content in our seats.     



Somebody’s teething over here in a serious way. This giraffe has been really useful with Kate. But it was useless with Molly. I hope Kate gets our moneys worth out of it. It is quite pricey chew toy. 



5 Months 

This little fireball just turned five months old. Time flies when you’re not sleeping through the night.   



Dino Museum at Thanksgiving point

We decided to come here because all of a sudden Molly is into dinosaurs in a serious way. She woke up sick today so she didn’t have a the best time.  



The Music Man

Sarah is such a talented preformer! We loved seeing her do her thing tonight!  She was the part of the Mayor’s Wife in the musical The Music Man at Center Point Theater. I loved the costumes. There were so many costume changes. This was just one of very many! (I was able to take this picture when I had to take Kate out during the show)


We took Molly to a place called Jungle Jims this afternoon to play. This place is around the corner from our house and I have been meaning to go there and try it out. I’m glad I waited for Brian to come with us because I was not going on the Spinney rides (or any) Molly loved it and Brian was sick for the rest of the day. 



Lisa Comes To Play

Lisa has come to play the last 2 days.  



Snow Day

I spent all day looking for Molly snow pants so she could play outside in the snow for the first time. I never found them. But luckily I have a neighbor with three small children. I borrowed hers and Molly got to play outside (Looks like I should’ve borrowed some for Brian). 




I woke up in the middle of the night panicked because it was almost 4 AM and I hadn’t heard from Kate. A few moments later I heard from her. I fed her and she went back to bed until 7 AM. This was a night I didn’t see coming! Previous nights she would be up 4+ times a night. I hope this is a lasting phases-I will be one happy mommy.    Now she went back to bed for her morning nap. 😍😴👌🏻❤️


The weather this morning! What???