Our zoo trips are becoming fewer and farther between because it’s getting hot outside. That means the zoo is getting more crowded. We’ll pick back up in the fall. But we probably have a few more trips before it gets even hotter.

We had a great time today. I think we stayed the longest we have ever stayed. 3.5 hours. We were exhausted when We got home and enjoyed a long nap.  



Relief Society Lesson

Now that I’m in the presidency I have to give a lesson 3x a year. For my first lesson this year I chose the talk by Pres. Uchtdorf called “Forget Me Not” from the September, 2011 general women’s conference. It went well and I was pleased. I had the blue theme, silk flowers and cute handouts which comprised of a packet of seeds and A card with the points from the lesson. I got the card off Pinterest. I will have to post the link later.  


Hot Air Balloon Ride!

Yes, today we finally got to do our hot air balloon ride in heber. That’s what I got him for his birthday.  We loved it. It was a smooth ride. Kate did pretty well. We didn’t think about her ears popping to the altitude. But she did great.  Weather was amazing. 



4 months old! 

This week Kate turned four months old. She weighs 13 pounds! She is a very healthy baby and about to learn how to sleep in her crib. 🙂    

Her stats are 35% (13.03lbs) for weight and 45% length (24.5 inches). Which is all very average. 



Some products just don’t live up to the hype. This one included. My mom picked this up for Molly awhile ago.  We used the soft grandma sycamore bread. Maybe it would’ve worked better with the Wonder Bread??? Either way Molly’s not a fan of peanut butter and jelly sandwiches ….yet. !!!




Molly and Tate (Kate) 

Molly can’t get enough of Kate. They are going to be bestfriends.  Kate was with me at my moms house tonight when Brian put Molly to bed and Molly cried for Kate.  



Play date

Mina came over for a play date. She is the one that gave us her play sets.  They play very nicely together. 




We never really got to know our neighbors across the street very well. I think we missed out. Last month i saw they were packing boxes so I offered to have their three year old over while they pack. She has been over the last few Saturdays and Sundays this month. Well Today we inherited some fantastic toys.  The swings, play ship, and a water table (not shown). 

    Not to mention we did do some fun stuff. We decorated Kongo bars with m&ms and sprinkles. We walked to the park and played. And played with chalk outside. 

We should have gotten to know them better and sooner.    



Molly still gets put to bed by Brian even though he is gone.  



girls night

Brian left for the weekend. I’m letting the girls watch movies with me in bed. We are watching Aristocats tonight.