Blessing Day

I wish we would have taken more pictures. But it was such a great day. Brian and a few others including my Uncle Gary gave a beautiful testimony that I’m sure touched a lot of people. Brian’s and the lady after him (who just lost her Dad) talked about death and essentially The Plan of Salvation (had everyone in tears)…There is a lady whom I visit teach and her husband that Brian actually home teaches too that where there and they are very active members in the ward. Well this morning the husband had a massive heart attack and died while exercising. So sad. He was in his 60’s I think- we thought very healthy, slim and active. I think back to the meeting and all the testimonies seemed so inspired. You never know who they will touch. The spirit was defiantly there.

Thank you to everyone who came. It was a beautiful day. Thank you to Debbie for helping us with the house. It was so relaxing and enjoyable for me. Also, thanks to all the great food people brought. It was a ton and luckily the left over fruit and vegetable tray (that wasn’t opened)  will go to the lady I visit teach who just lost her husband with some more sandwiches.

IMG_4306 IMG_4311 IMG_4313 IMG_4317 IMG_4319 IMG_4338 IMG_4344 IMG_4355


2 thoughts on “Blessing Day

  1. It was a AWESOME day! Thank you Brian and Elizabeth. It is a good thing we make better food than family pictures……

  2. Elizabeth and Brain, You are wonderful hosts to a blessed day! Thank you for inviting us to share Kate’s special day with you. It was also nice to meet more of Brian’s family. Hugs and Luvs from Idaho!

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