Family Discovery Center

Family Discovery Center
This link tells about this new center

Tonight we went and checked out this family history discovery center at the Joseph Smith Memorial building. It was very interactive and fun. We wish we would have saved it for a date night activity and left the kids at home. They say this center is for ages 12-18 and they are right- it’s not for kids but for adults or teens. All the iPad and big touch screens made it feel so futuristic. Brian and I were able to see our pedigree charts from Family Search in an interactive way. You walk in and they give you each an iPad that you sign into you family search account with and you take a “selfie”. Then they have about six docking stations you dock your iPad to. Three stations are rooms with screens and cameras. You can record your own history and your families. Another room you can see pictures of ancestors that are on family search and a time machine of that year they were born. Another station has giant screens that show an interactive map Of where your ancestors came from.
And then another station has information about the year you were born and the meanings behind your name. Pretty cool.










Activity Days

My last activity days. We did a spa night for the girls. We meditated, washed our feet- painted nails. It was a blast. I can’t take credit though the other leader Shani did it. I didn’t do much prep for it.

I’m going to miss these girls.



Brian is here wearing the tie I got him for valentines. *Love* oh and look at these adorable valentines my aunt Julie made! I had to share. Ok, No more valentines posts for the rest of the year. Promise.



Date Night

My aunt Julie came and watched both girls while Brian took me out to dinner. It was so nice to go out like we used to when we were childless. I should have taken a picture. My aunt Julie brought all sorts of goodies with her- she made two gorgeous quilts one for Molly’s bed and another for me. Pictures to come.

This morning I got up early and dipped strawberries for valentines. I have been dying to make these all week but have waited the last minute so they would be fresh. I got a little carried away. My favorite was the strawberry and coconut. The girls and I also delivered their valentines to Brian at work. Molly loved giving Brian the box with a picture of her and Kate to put on his desk at work.