Latest Project

I’m feeling like my old self again and the kids are getting easier to take out of the house. Last family Sunday dinner I used Janey’s changing table to change Molly’s lovely diaper. There I saw an adorable shadow box of her birth memorabilia. I loved it. Wendy said she saw one Ange made for her kids and got the idea. I thought since I have all the newborn things still out (for both girls)  I would put one together. It has been a blast- though hard to find time when I’m not playing barn animals with Molly or hold /feeding Kate.

This isn’t the final draft of the box and imagenothing is stuck down yet. I wish I would have bought bigger frames – so much to put in the boxes. The girls feel like twins because they have almost the exact same memorabilia from the hospital.  I still want to make a birth announcement for Kate’s box since we used our Christmas card for hers.


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