Super Saturday- Williams Style

IMG_4291 IMG_4297 IMG_4290My mom had Sarah and Samantha over to my house for a quilting lesson where they made their own quilts. I decided to do valentines sugar cookies with Sophia and Michael James. And of course when you are crafting you need lunch – so we had a yummy lunch together too. What a nice morning!





Check Up


Weight: 11.16. 53%
Length: 22 inches 34%
Head measure. 72%
= healthy baby

Poor Molly- I said the word “Disneyland” and she got a MMR booster. Sorry Molly.


The zoo is almost just as great in January as it is in the warmer months. You just have to go before they put the animals away at 3 pm. I don’t know if Molly is feeling well. She was all excited about the carousel and then decided not to go. So we didn’t 😦



Zucchini Brownies

Eh. I was craving something sweet and I thought it would be nice for Brian to come home to something baked after stake temple night. I remembered these being better than they turned out. Maybe I was missing the chocolate chips. If I ever make these again I will replace the oil with apple sauce