Suggestions Welcome

This little lady is two weeks old today. Her two week check up is Friday. She is getting so big and seems pretty healthy to me. Although, she sleeps all day in her pack and play, in her bouncer or in her swing -happily. Night time is a different story. She won’t sleep anywhere but on our chests or in our arms (fusses everywhere else). We are pretty tired around here these days. Brian thinks she has her days and nights mixed up. How do I get her to sleep at night on something other than on us? Suggestions welcome


In other child news, we went out to the mall today. Tried out the double stroller. I like it.


Molly got another bang trim today and she survived.



4 thoughts on “Suggestions Welcome

  1. My nurse with Janey told me to always have the lights on during the day and then at night (when you want her to sleep) keep the lights off. It worked for us, but took a week or so. Good luck!

  2. What is is about haircuts that are so traumatic for kids? Some of mine did the same. As for Kate and sleeping, someone suggested that you bath her in the night before bedtime. It is worth a try.

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