Finally we have snow. Molly and Brian played in it for a minute because it was 28 degrees. Brrr


I’m in love Molly’s winter coat! So cute.


Aebleskiver Breakfast

This morning we tried out our new Aebleskiver kit Chris and Ang gave us for Christmas. We loved them. Molly loved dipping them in the jam and licking the jam off.




Happy Birthday

Happy birthday Janet! Hope you had a wonderful day. You are such a great mother in law and grandmother! Couldn’t be luckier to have you in our lives.

Kate turned one month yesterday! She is almost 10 lbs. We now have her reflux under control with medication and she is a much happier baby. By the way-her pyloric sphincter is perfect (we went to Primary Children’s and had it checked today).




Christmas Morning

We had so much fun this morning.






Christmas Eve




What a wonderful Christmas Eve night. We had an amazing dinner with everyone at Mike and Amy’s house-complete with a nativity. Then we came home to Christmas pajamas brought from the North Pole.


Cookies for Santa

Molly decorated cookies for Santa. After the gingerbread house I wasn’t sure she would be at all interested in this. To my surprise she was in heaven (apple doesn’t fall far from the tree). We had Annamarie come decorate with us. We had a blast. I don’t know what Sant is going to do with all these cookies.








Bath Time

Cute Kate pictures





I roasted a 12lb turkey because all I’ve heard from Brian lately is about how much he loves leftover turkey sandwiches. This was my first solo turkey. I made a few mistakes- but it was ok. I also made rolls, sweet potatoes, mashed potatoes & gravy and stuffing- enough to feed an army. Brian will have turkey sandwiches for weeks.




Annual Neighbor Dinner

Last night we went to our neighbor’s house and had dinner. It was christmas sweater attire and a white elephant exchange. Molly stayed with the sitter and we went with Kate and our sweaters. I about fell asleep at the table because I am so sleep deprived. We gave some of our best white elephant gifts away. And sadly came home with horrible ones.





Aunt Julie

Aunt Julie came and spent the day with us and grandma. We took her to Molly’s check up, she made us fudge and babysat with grandma while Brian and I went out for dinner lone.

Tonight Molly put herself to sleep without tears and without Brian laying with her. It was a dream come true. Kate on the other hand… We are trying her sleeping in the swing tonight and the use of gas drops.

Molly is 23lbs (6%) and 32 inches (23%) petite little thing – but healthy.