Love These Three

I’m going to be so sad when Brian goes back to work on Tuesday. Him and Molly are inseparable while Kate has a permanent spot tucked in my chest.
According to Brian, Molly was trying to tell people at church today about baby Kate. How Adorable.
After getting Kate’s blood work checked again this morning, her bilirubin came back slightly lower than yesterday, which means no lights and needle pokes for her.




Mellow Yellow

Kate is a bit jaundice. We took her to get some liver labs done this morning and then to her pediatrician. The labs came back too high- so we are going to take them again tomorrow and see where we are at. If they are still high then Kate gets a tanning bed at home- just kidding (That’s for Brian), she will have some lights brought to the house.

Good news though she is gaining weight at an exceptional rate. The doctor was really impressed.

It is so fun having a new baby to snuggle with all day. I love taking naps with Kate nuzzled and tucked into my chest. Brian took Molly to the Zoo- so all is right in her world. Who knows how many times they road the train and carousel. Today Molly heard Kate cry in the swing and Molly ran over and gave Kate her Mimi, then tried to stuff her pretzel stick in Kate’s mouth.



These past few days Brian has been out Christmas shopping-even though I though we were done (he loves it so much, I don’t think he can help it). On Black Friday he loaded up on cheap diapers among other things.



I guess thumb sucking runs in the family. Kate had her thumb in her mouth sucking on it for a good 15 minutes today.
Molly has started to show more interest in Kate. She love to pet her head and ruffle Kate’s hair gently.





So filled with love for this little lady. Brian bought this stuffed animal for Kate, for her birthday.

The Williams played with Molly most the afternoon/evening. It was so great to have just Brian here with me. We had a “special” dinner the hospital does for parents of new babies.

I miss Molly and I am excited to spend some time with her tomorrow.

Baby Kate





Molly is so high energy and my idea of taking sister pictures in the hospital room was unrealistic this afternoon. I think at one point when I tried to introduce Molly to her baby sister, she took her shoe off and threw it at her and missed.