Happy Halloween

Molly is still really sick. Took her to the doctor this morning. Poor thing. She is Still trying to meet her sucker quota this Halloween though. Made soup for the kids for dinner and got them off trick or treating- I think they were too excited to eat which means we(they) will be eating soup for the next week! Lucky them.








So Far So Good!

Day one a success. Kids are happy and fed 🙂 now we are about to settle down for a movie and probably treats.


One Sick Girl

Molly seemed a bit off this morning while we went to playgroup at the library. She wanted nothing to do with story time. Having no energy myself, I just let her do what she wanted to do- that was playing on the computer.
(Apparently, she knows how???)
We got home and a few hours later she had diarrhea and throw up all over. She is the sickest I’ve seen her. Good news- I got my floors mopped now. I hope tomorrow she is better because she hasn’t kept anything down today. I worry about her hydration. We’ve got a big two weeks ahead of us!



Counting Down

Time keeps ticking away. I almost have my last project done in preparation for the baby- the dreaded replacing of the nursery doors. I’ve ordered them, fitted them, painted them and now next week they are coming back to install them. This was not a fun project but it will be worth it.

These are the doors hung before we ( installer guy) took them down after fitting them. Now they are drying in the garage.


Before picture


Ward Halloween Party

I was holding out posting a picture because I wanted one without Molly’s finger in her nose. But this will work until we get another one on Friday.



At Least Someone Is Comfortable

IMG_1257.JPG I think she is getting attached to my growing belly. The other day she pointed to it and said, “Molly”. Other times she has grabbed it started pinching it -ouch. She better enjoy it while she can… Less then a month left!


Studio 5

It’s that time again!


Click to watch


Brian came home from work early and sent me to go get and manicure, pedicure and my eyebrows waxed! It was heaven. While I was relaxing, Brian and Molly headed to the Zoo. Apparently Molly got to ride the carousel twice! When I got home I finished our halloween costumes for the Ward party tomorrow. Brian is so brave because he isn’t worried what I will make him wear as a costume. He gets excited about anything… And these are certainly “homemade” costumes. What a trooper. Last time we tried to get Molly to try on her costume she didn’t want anything to do with it…. I hope she wears it tomorrow without the tears and drama.

On the baby front- I am officially on the induction schedule for the night of the 24th of November (a month from TONIGHT- 39 weeks). But if I am getting ready by myself (already effaced and dilated sufficiently), I could just go in the morning of the 25th. My OB says since my body didn’t do much by 41 weeks with Molly chances are it won’t do much with this one by then either. Knowing this, kind of takes the fun out of wondering when I will go into labor and most of all that it could happen earlier then expected. But on the very very bright side- I can have my epidural as soon as I walk into the hospital- which I love. IMG_1244.JPG


Activity Days Fail

Tonight did not go so well. For some reason out of nowhere we had an explosion of girls show up-17 (some don’t even live in our ward). Luckily, I had enough supplies for all to decorate (and mess up on) trick or treat bags. I was so excited about this activity. I made the mistake of not doing a trial run at home before. The bags melted as soon as the irons got them too hot. I even used a press cloth over them. Plan B was markers which worked fine. Crafts or any hands on project with that big of a group has become a nightmare (and expensive)- no matter how simple the craft.

I may be overly sensitive and so exhausted right now. The worst part was at the point when one of the girls told me I was horrible after a mom got upset with me for forgetting her daughter’s birthday. Almost 3 years in this calling- everyone could use a change. I want to retire. Can you do that?


Looks like a few went missing for this picture.


The Count Down

The count down is on. I’m feeling extra uncomfortable and exhausted today. I keep telling myself only one month left – even though it’s a bit more. November 25th can’t come soon enough. I feel like the baby is bigger than a pineapple!