The stars aligned about a Half hour before the Real Salt Lake game. We made it at half time in the pouring rain. The rain let up and we were there for the only two goals Real scored and won the game with. Thanks Anna for babysitting!!!! We ended up having a great night together- rain and all.




Sharing With Snicky

At grandmas house today Molly decided to share her goldfish crackers with Snicky. We caught her doing this….



Hello Minivan

Well it’s official. Brian was so excited he couldn’t wait until Wednesday. We went to the dealership and picked it up this wet and rainy afternoon. It’s pretty fancy (2015 touring odyssey with navigation, leather, Bluetooth, DVD players, rubber floor mats and my favorite – keyless entry) and I forget it’s a minivan. No more juggling to open the door to put the car seat in, the doors open with a push of a button.

I keep telling myself having a minivan with children is like wearing tennis shoes to Disneyland vs. cute wedge sandals. Tennis shoes are so much more comfortable- but my wedges are cute and a pain to walk in.

Nevertheless this car is pretty comfortable.




We are all nesting over here. We went to the car dealership and claimed our minivan. We are picking it up on Wednesday. We were all really excited about the new car the first hour sitting at the dealership- but by the second hour the novelty had gone.


Our fancy stroller came in the mail today. Brian forbid me from putting it together without him because he says things I have put together around the house without him don’t work properly.




Date Night PMT



We had a fun night seeing this musical at PMT. Songs were forgettable but the show was VERY entertaining and it was a shorter show.

Molly had fun with Grandma playing trains and staying up till 10pm.


Art Time

Molly enjoying some coloring today. I turned my back for 2 seconds.


Before the AC guy came to fix our air conditioning for the third time this summer, Molly and I went to the petting zoo at Gardner Village. She got to ride the pony and she was like, “this is no big deal- I ride bigger horses with my dad and Aunt Julie.”



Out and About

We got out of the house today and hit the Zoo. It was a perfect morning for the zoo. No lines for the train. Molly’s favorite animal this trip were the zebras!

Then we went and watched our babysitters high school tennis match at Hillcrest High. She won!!!! She is quite the tennis player.

Molly got a new high chair. I hope this helps her stay more focused while eating so she will eat more. So far so good- she can’t climb out of this one.






Nap time consists of me putting Molly in the car and driving circles around the neighborhood or getting myself a salad through a drive-through. Then we come back home and Molly finishes her nap like this.

Tonight was the first night in months Brian and I had dinner without Molly. It was awesome. We celebrated Catie’s 30th birthday! I made her a lemon raspberry cake. I love making cakes.




Happy Birthday Shu

Tonight we had a little birthday party for Shelley. We made fajitas with corn tortillas, 7layer dip with chips and limeade-Which hit the spot in the 90degree weather today. After we had birthday cake and icecream which was good.

I gave Shelley a cake lesson but she got bored after the first layer. It was a coconut -lemon -raspberry cake. It was refreshing and a very sweet cake.

I should have gotten a group picture. Darn….Aunt Julie drove in from Payson, my mom, Bri, Molly and I were all there. We missed Lisa.






Today was a great day. I had my OB appointment and my doctor and I pulled out the calendar and talked about an induction date. We picked Tuesday November 25th! Baby head is down and I am measuring a at 30 weeks (I’m at 29 now). I also survived my glucose test.

After that I came home and made cucumber soup with all the produce neighbors have given us. I didn’t plant a garden this year and I am not missing out one bit. I added fresh parsley and used plain Greek yogurt instead of sour cream.

Aunt Shelley is in town and her and Molly had play date while I was at my OB appointment. Molly meows every time she see her because of her cats.