Sick Girls

Molly and I are still so sick. We are over our eye infection but I have a sinus/ear infection and now a horrible cough. Molly has croup and got some steroids yesterday from the doctor. Now she has the same horrible cough I have. She could hardly eat her lunch because she couldn’t stop coughing. I’m on a Zpack but the pediatrician was convinced Molly’s is viral. I hope we get better soon. Meanwhile we have been watching a lot of Pooh, Jungle Book and Dumbo while snuggling each other.



2 thoughts on “Sick Girls

  1. So sorry that you are both so sick…..Hope you get better soon. Loved looking at the pictures of your trip. Looks like you had a great time. That Elder is best friends with my next door neighbors. Small world. Get better soon.

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