Iceland Day 1

We left Copenhagen early this morning and headed for Iceland. We got here uneventfully and got our car. We drove right to the Blue Lagoon and just looked and didn’t get to swim-On account of the pregnancy.

Then we got a picnic lunch at a grocery store and checked into our hotel. After that we set out on the golden circle tour. We hiked and saw the tectonic plates and where the Viking parliament first took place. Molly picked herself out a Icelandic horse figurine at the gift shop. I think it was the highlight of her day. She was so excited about that horse -she couldn’t put it down. She has been such joy traveling with (except when it come to bed time).

Later we got in the car and drove to a geyser that went off about every four mins. And the last thing we drove to was a huge waterfall! Gullfoss was spectacular.

We were starving by the end so I took our guide book’s recommendation and we went to this Thai restaurant. Bad idea, it was awful.

It’s 10pm now and it is still so bright in our room and Molly is fighting to stay awake. It is midnight in Copenhagen and we have been up since about 4:30am.







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