Vikings and Ancestors

We left Skagen this morning after a Danish breakfast to go back to Copenhagen. Molly finally ate a meal that wasn’t cereal.

On our way we made several several stops in little towns to see where Brian’s Danish ancestry are from. We would visit the churches because they were typically the oldest building in the towns. We stopped at a Viking monuments from the 5th century. We also had a picnic lunch at a fjord harbor. The weather was in the 80’s today which janet says is the hottest it has been here for her ever. So much for all the sweaters I packed. Molly has had a great time. Her vocabulary has really come along ways this week. All of sudden she can say so any new words.








One thought on “Vikings and Ancestors

  1. This picture of my mom and brian eating in the back of the car is so typical of traveling with my parents. Love it.

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