We drove to Skagen which is about 5 hours from Copenhagen. We stopped at this cute old Danish museum that has all these old Danish house from the 1600s on display. Reminded me of a pioneer village recreated with all the nicknacks. Then we stopped at a great bakery and filled up on Danish pastries. They we so yummy and fresh. We made it to Skagen later in the evening and walked the beach and let Molly play in the water where the North Sea and the Baltic Sea meet at the very top of Denmark. She loved the water but not the sand. We had a hard time getting her to walk on the sand.











2 thoughts on “Skagen

  1. We have almost this exact picture with Zoey as a baby. So fun, and a lot of work. I remember sitting up with Zoey in the middle of the night because the time change was so tricky. Have fuN!

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