Double the Fun



We had quite the afternoon. We had a play date with Janey. She came over while Wendy had two root canals (yikes). Molly was beyond words excited to have her over. I think they had a great time together to say the least. I also had eleven year old twins over coincidently, who are part of my activity day bunch. They are in charge of the whole activity tomorrow. They were sewing bean bags for the other girls to fill and stitch and then use at the ward BBQ next month. After they were done they spent hours playing with Molly and janey. Which was beyond awesome because I got four loads of laundry done and got Molly all packed for the trip.

Oh and we all got donuts from banbarry cross this morning at 6 am because Molly is going on her 3rd straight night of not sleeping, screaming and climbing out of her crib. She just wouldn’t stop screaming. Brian and I tried for hours. So at 5am I broke and took her for a car ride. We got fresh donuts. She finally fell sleep after 15mins of driving. I hope I don’t have to do that again. Those donuts weren’t really worth the missed sleep. I took her to the doctor later in the morning and nothing seemed to be wrong-Healthy ears, no fever, no uti. She was a perfect child the rest of the day.


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