The nesting has begun. I hate having to come up dinner every. single. night-(mostly for Molly- I guess she can’t live on Mac & Cheese and cold cereal forever). Not to mention shopping for ingredients what feels like every. single. day.  The worst day is Sunday 3 out of the 4 weeks of the month. So I decided I would try the freezer meals I have seen on the Pintrest. I found this blog with a ton of recipes and shopping lists already made. I bought most of the meat at Costco and then ran to Harmon’s for the smaller ingredients this morning. Molly had a traumatic morning, she cut her finger and Brian rushed home from his clinic to save the day. No stitches but boy it was a bleeder! She went to Costco with me (after a follow up 30 mins later to Brian’s office) and then took a four hour nap! During that time I ran to the store, made 14 freezer meals and cleaned the kitchen. I guess I can say my energy is back.

Now the freezer meals could be a really great thing. The idea is that you just thaw a bag the night before in the fridge (or in the crockpot for longer time) throw the bag’s contents in the crockpot in the morning using a crockpot bag (no clean up) and by evening you have dinner. Most meals you have to pair with rice, noodles or tortillas and a bag of the birds eye steamed vegetables. For Sunday I could get really fancy and add homemade or Rhodes rolls. But no more scrambling on Saturday night at 9pm for Sunday dinner ideas and ingredients.


Here are the meals I made

  1. Lemon and Garlic Chicken  x 2
  2. Chicken Coconut Curry x 2
  3. Fiesta Chicken Soup x2
  4. Pepper Steak
  5. Cubed Steak & Carrots x2
  6. Chicken & Dumplings x 2
  7. Honey Romano Pork Chops
  8. Green Chili Pork Tacos x 2

20140707-152155-55315781.jpgNow these are all new recipes so if we like them, then I will do this again before the baby come in November and I won’t have to worry about dinner… ever again.. not really. But now I am seriously thinking about asking for a freezer for Christmas because I maxed out my kitchen freezer today. Good thing we aren’t ice cream fans. Oh and these meals were a billion times easier then making lasagna or enchiladas for the freezer. Not to mention I think healthier and cheaper.


A side note for Becky: Some of these were gluten free…. I thought of you while throwing ingredients into bags.



One thought on “Nesting!

  1. I”m totally impressed. I agree coming up with something to eat every day is such a pain. It looks like a great plan. Keep us updated.

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